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Science Humor Netring

Join the ring

If you have a web site with science humor we would like you to join the Science humor ring. Just to be clear: It has to be funny (at least in your opinion - do not worry about others) and it has to be about a science (A physical or social science, but not engineering or computer science).

If your web site has no humor, but shows that science is fun, I suggest Christ Taylors "Fun Science Ring" instead. Of course, it is also possible to join both rings, it your site fits both.

If your site only consists of links to science humor pages, it can not be used in the ring. But you can mail me so that I can make a link to your site in my reference section.

If your site contains humorous science fiction, it does not ipso facto qualify for the ring. It has to be about humorous science.

If you do not have a science humor website yourself, but know of somebody else who does, you cannot join the ring yourself, but you can nominate the website for the ring here.

If you have a web site with science humor you can join the ring with the following four steps. Please scan through them before you begin, so that you will know what to expect.

1 Decisions

Decide if you really wish to join. If you do, you will have obligations. You must alter the netring information, when you move your site, when the contents change so much it no longer is science humor, when you end it or when it gets another maintainer. Furthermore you must include the netring code on your page.

Where do you put the netring code? The URL you submit must contain the netring code. Otherwise the ring does not work. My preference is the homepage of the Science Humor part of your site. People must be able to "window shop" along the sites of the ring. If for some reason this is impossible you must make a welcoming page with the netring code which refers to the homepage. Of course there must be links to that page otherwise the ring stops at your site. If you wish to do this, better ask the ringmaster before you start. If I believe the ring will in practice be broken because of the place you put your netring code, I will not allow you in the ring.

I have put the netring code at the bottom of the contents page. People who want more science humor after visiting my site can follow the ring.

2 Submit the following form

Submit a site to Science Humor Net Ring
Site Title: The title of your site (maximal 255 characters). Usually this is the name you have in the <title> field
Site URL: The url of your main science humor page, which will also contain the netring code. Do not forget the http:// part, otherwise the ring will not work.
Site Owner: Your name
EMail Address:
Password: Choose a password that is not your normal one as both the ringmaster en the people from netring can see it. I do not yet know the limitations of the netring password, but as everything is the same as in netring I would guess the following: The password must be between 4 and 15 characters long and contain only the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and underscore ("_") (We will find out the difference in time)
Password (verify):
Site Description: One or a few sentences about what your site is about. This is the important one. The description is shown on the list of ringsites, so you better make it appealing. You can use the same one as in the <meta description> tag

After submitting you will see a page with some information. It sometimes happens that you have to wait a long time and get an error "URL not found". Don't worry about it. The submission succeeded and you will find the information you need in a mail. (I think it is a side effect of the server being very busy)

The ringmaster is also notified and as soon as he has read his e-mail, he will go and check if the html-code has been added.

3 Include the netring code

Next you must enter the code for the netring on the webpage you inserted above. This code was sent in the above mentioned mail and webpage. Cut it out and paste it on the URL you entered into the form. It will look like this:

Member of the Science Humor Net Ring
[ Previous 5 Sites | Previous | Next | Next 5 Sites ]
[ Random Site | List Sites ]

As you can see it is a very simple and unobtrusive piece of code, that can be seen by all browsers.

Do not copy the above piece of code as it contains the text id=1 and your netring site id will be different. If you lose the mail or the ringcode gets mangeled (as happens for instance with the aol browser), you can go to the members page and login on the ring system. On the edit-page, you fill find the html-code for your site.

Some mail programs interpret all HTML in a mail. (They should only do that if the mail starts with <x-html>). On the members page you can get the code in a text-area box.

At this stage of your submission only the Science Humor Net Ring, Random Site and List Sites links will work. Only after the ringmaster added you to the ring the rest will work.

4 Notify the ringmaster

As soon as you entered the ringcode you can send a mail to the ringmaster. At the moment that is Joachim Verhagen jcdverha@xs4all.nl. Include the following information:

  1. Your email address
  2. Your site ID no, that was mailed to you, when you submitted the site
  3. If you like, a cryptic reference to a something on your site, which can be included in the information part of this page, in the sentence: "In this ring you can find out....."
  4. If you are a member of the Yahoo science humor netring, you can ask me to remove you from it. You cannot do it yourself without a Yahoo ID. You can also tell me, if you wish to stay there for the moment, as the netring is still small

Then it becomes time for me to do some work. I will check if the page is suitable for the ring and if the netring code is included. If everything is fine I will add the site to the ring and the netring system will send you a mail that you are included. Otherwise I will send you a mail to tell you about the problem. If you have heard nothing within four days mail me again with complaints ;-).

End of submission process

And that is it: you are a member of the Science Humor netring.

If your site shows people that science is fun you can also join Chris Taylor's Fun Science Ring. It's description is:

The Fun Science Ring is exactly that! It's for all the people who think science is or should be fresh and excting. It's not a place for a load of stuffy equations, but it IS a place for everything that makes you go, "Wow! I wonder how that works....?"

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