Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 07:37:28 -0800
To: "Webring RingMaster" <>
From: Webring <>
Subject: Webring Merger
Reply-To: Webring <>

Dear RingMaster,

Boy, do we have some exciting news for you! This morning, we officially announced that Yahoo! has acquired GeoCities. Since WebRing's recent merger with GeoCities, we are now able to be a part of this unique partnership with GeoCities and Yahoo! combining two unique things: the powerful community you've created, and the powerful services and features of Yahoo!

What does this mean to you as a WebRing RingMaster? Well, first of all, WebRing will be better than ever. Much better than ever! You'll have more traffic to your WebRing. You'll have lots more cool tools to use. You'll have a larger variety of great features and services at your disposal. And most importantly, you'll have instantaneous access to more people on the Web - people who share your interests and want to participate in the community you've helped us create here at WebRing.

The terms of the deal won't be finalized for about four more months, but we can tell you that we are thrilled about the partnership. It's a perfect match. We're two of the most innovative, influential and popular companies on the Web today. Our cultures, our values, our beliefs are in sync. We share a common vision.

For WebRing, the best news is that Yahoo! recognizes in us something that only we can provide - a strong and committed sense of community. And for that, we have you to thank. We've built this together. And together we're shaping the future of the Internet.

Please feel free to forward this email to your Ring Members or direct them to:

Thanks again for being a part of the WebRing community. We look forward to an exciting future with you and Yahoo!


The WebRing Gang / Starseed division of GeoCities

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