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Subject: WebRing Is Integrating with Yahoo!

We've been busy making changes to the WebRing system, and we want to tell you all about it!

Big News The current status report on the WebRing homepage (http://www.webring.org/status.html) mentions we are making changes and improvements to the system as we integrate with Yahoo!. As many of you have been through a transition like this before, we wanted to tell you about the changes before they happen, keep our lines of communication open and give you some pointers in advance to make the move simple, fast and easy.

The First Step: Get your Y! ID Get a Yahoo! ID and password now for free access to Yahoo!WebRing and all other personalized Yahoo! services. As with all other Yahoo! personal services, you'll need to sign up for a Yahoo! ID. http://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_register?.intl=us&new=1&.done=http%3a//www.webring.org&.src=wbr&partner=&promo=&.last=

For WebRing RingMasters and Members, the Y! ID will allow you to associate your rings and sites in the new system, and access all the great communication tools, service and products that Yahoo! offers. We encourage you to sign up now for your Yahoo! ID and get ready for the all the exciting things to come.

New WebRing Features For a long time WebRing RingMasters and Members have shared ideas and input with the WebRing staff. We have incorporated many of your ideas into the new system. One of the most exciting, and most requested, new features is the server side navigation bar. Rings are often broken, or dysfunctional, if the navigation HTML fragment is incorrect. We've worked out a system that allows the navigation bar to be customizable yet is served from the WebRing servers, minimizing complicated instructions and easy-to-make mistakes.

Ownership of Content We have been asked if the integration of WebRing into Yahoo! will affect the ownership of the content on members' pages. We would like to assure you that it will not.

Don't Worry, Be Happy! The existing WebRing links and navigation will continue to function for a period of time after the transition. We encourage RingMasters to migrate to the new system and communicate with Ring Members about the move. The WebRing community will receive notification of the transition, complete with instructions on where to go and what to do. We just want you to know it's coming and stay tuned....

We always appreciate your feedback and your active participation in WebRing.

The WebRing Team

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