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Dear WebRing RingMaster:

Great news -- WebRing is integrating with Yahoo! and is now part of the Yahoo! network. The Yahoo! WebRing system has a new user interface, new features, and a simplified Ring management system. The new system is streamlined and extremely efficient.

We will launch the new Yahoo! WebRing system on Tuesday, September 5, 2000 at 11:00 a.m. PST. The WebRing system will be closed to managing Rings and editing sites for 24 hours prior to launch. All links on the existing WebRing system will continue to work during this period.

Here's the scoop:

Please continue reading for detailed information on the Yahoo! WebRing integration.

Yahoo! WebRing Questions and Answers:

Q: How do I get started with the new Yahoo! WebRing system?
A: Migration to the new system is easy. Just sign up for a Yahoo! ID, and then associate your Ring and site with it. If you don't have a Yahoo! ID yet or are not logged in to Yahoo!, the system will ask you to sign up for one or log in.
Q: Why do I need a Yahoo! ID?
A: The new system is automated to make Ring management and navigation easier. The Yahoo! ID is key to simplifying the system and replaces the old, difficult-to-remember passwords and Ring IDs.

RingMasters need a Yahoo! ID to edit their sites and manage their Rings in the new system. All changes to your Rings or sites must be made in the new system.

Note: You can associate all your Rings and sites with just one Yahoo! ID.

Q: How do I sign up for a Yahoo! ID?
A: Sign up for a Yahoo! ID by going directly to the Yahoo! WebRing front page. In the yellow box titled "Current WebRing Users," click the "Sign In Here!" link. The next page will prompt you to sign up for a Yahoo! ID or log in if you already have one.

If you bookmarked the WebRing login page, the system will automatically lead you through the steps of associating your Ring and site. If you’ve forgotten your Ring or site ID, use the links provided, and we’ll email the information to you.

Q: How do I list my Ring in the Yahoo! WebRing Directory?
A: After you associate your Ring with your Yahoo! ID, you will be prompted to categorize your Ring in the new directory. Just follow the simple steps to include your Ring in the appropriate category. Only Rings registered with the new system will be included in the Yahoo! WebRing directory. The old RingWorld directory will no longer push traffic to your Ring or site.
Q: What about my HTML fragment?
A: Your HTML fragment will continue to work for now. Your Ring will still be intact and will include all existing members.
Q: What happened to my Ring Helper?
A: The Ring Helpers management tool is still in development. Assigning Helpers and allowing existing Helpers to access Ring management is not possible at this time.
Q: Will my old join page still work?
A: The old join pages will continue to work for now. The system will require new members to sign up for a Yahoo! ID before joining.
Q: What is the server-side navigation bar?
A: The server-side navigation bar simplifies the installation of the HTML code. Members can just copy and paste the code onto their page. Existing WebRing members and RingMasters are not required to use the new navigation bar, but we think you'll want to try it. It's customizable and really simplifies Ring management.
Q: What happened to Ring locking?
A: Locked Rings were frustrating and wasted time. In the new system, we have completely eliminated Ring locking. Now accessing the Ring is easier, faster, and more fun!
Q: What else is new?
A: A handy new page called "My Rings" lists all the Rings you mange and belong to. The "Email Members" management tool allows you to send email to all of your Ring members in one simple step. And it's easier than ever to invite people to join you Ring, customize your Ring Hub page, manage members, and process new sites.
Q: Need more help?
A: Help links are included on every page. All features and requirements of the new system are explained in the Help section.

We are very excited about the new WebRing system and think you will be too. As always, we appreciate your input and feedback. Just email us at webring-help@yahoo-inc.com.

Thanks for your ongoing participation in Yahoo! WebRing, and stayed tuned -- more new features and tool are on the way.

The Yahoo! WebRing Team

This email is being sent to WebRing RingMasters at the address they provided when joining the system

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