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Some people ask questions like, why do you read those stories, about spaceships. Saying that SF is not about spaceships is no use. Maybe this quote from H.G. Wells helps:

In all this type of story the living interest lies in their non-fantastic elements and not in the invention itself. They are appeals for human sympathy quite as much as any `sympathetic' novel, and the fantastic element, the strange property or the strange world, is used only to throw up and intensify our natural reactions of wonder, fear or perplexity. The invention is nothing in itself ...

Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) in a preface to a collection, 1933.

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  • general collections / links

    1. science fiction lovers
    2. elfwood fantasy art gallery
    3. bookwatch sf pages
    4. science fiction, fantasy - solar flare
    5. sff net
      homepages for sf writers, locus index
    6. locus
    7. best sf - for the best in short sf
      summaries of short sf stories, links to short stories on the web, reviews of magazines and anthologies
    8. sfwa
    9. scifidimensions


    1. sfandf
      descriptions of science fiction books
    2. sfbook review webring
    3. sfrevu
      sfrevu brings you reviews and interviews from the world of science fiction and fantasy every month...
    4. the agony column (rick kleffel)
    5. danny yee reviews
    6. sfreader
    7. steven silver's reviews
    8. ed's internet book review
    9. - reviews of both new and classic science fiction books
    10. neal zirings' review page sf reviews
    11. the bookdragon review
    12. steve's hugo reviews page
    13. word of mouth book review newsletter archives
    14. the leisurely iguana's science fiction book reviews
    15. scifi readers critics
    16. john's book reviews
    17. t.m. wagner's sfreviews
    18. sf reviews, biased and superficial science fiction reviews
    19. newsgroup:

    zines and other texts

    1. sf zines webring
    2. fools motley magazine
      fools motley is an internet magazine devoted entirely to humorous works of the science fiction and fantasy genre.
    3. ansible
      monthly fanzine with all the gossip about sf writers
      the author, dave langford, regularly wins hugo's for best fanwriter.
    4. papyrus
      every week a new story
    5. asimov's science fiction magazine
    6. analog science fiction and fact
    7. magazine of fantasy & science fiction
    8. tomorrow sf
      online texts can only be read by subscribers
    9. aurealis
    10. infinity plus
    11. intertext
    12. e-scape
    13. sci - fi arizona
      online bookshop with pdf files, free downloads of stories, writer workshops
    14. event horizon
      successor to omni
    15. the sci-fi webzine ftp site
    16. science fiction weekly
      good place for sf news and interviews
    17. dominion scifi channel (whatever that is)
    18. dargonzine original medieval fantasy stories written by aspiring internet writers (since 1985).
    19. dargonzine ftp site
    20. omni online
    21. intertext
      intertext is a free, on-line bi-monthly fiction magazine. it publishes material ranging from mainstream stories to fantasy to horror to science fiction to humor.
    22. ftp site intertext
    23. quanta shareword, recommended
    24. e-scape free, but paying zine, recommended
    25. vtsf: complete old sf pulp magazines
    26. mythos online
      lovecraftion horror stories
    27. methven
      join rock climber drew wilde and his companions as they cross the world of methven in a quest to recover the most powerful artifact in all the universes. new episodes of this science fiction serial are posted on the web approximately every week.
    28. sf zone
      e-zine with news and reviews
    29. bibliobytes
      copyrighted books by well known authors, which are also in print
    30. free sci-fi classics
      old classic sf, sometimes adapted by "wondersmith"


    1. baen books
    2. del rey books
    3. omni magazine
    4. tor books
    5. nesfa press

    authors/series etc.

    1. piers anthony
      1. newsgroup:
    2. marion zimmer bradley
    3. marion zimmer bradle's fantasy magazine
      webpage of the magazine, also information about the bradley's book
    4. steven brust
    5. lois mcmaster bujold: the bujold nexus
    6. edgar rice burroughs
    7. orson scott card
    8. jack chalker
      1. jack chalker:newsgroup:
    9. c.j. cherryh
    10. stephen r. donaldson
    11. charles de lint
    12. homepage greg egan
    13. kathleen ann goonan
    14. the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
    15. robert jordan / wheel of time
      1. the wheel of time faq
      2. newsgroup: rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan
    16. bright weavings: the worlds of guy gavriel kay, the authorized website
    17. solaris - oficjalna strona stanisława lema
    18. the worlds of anne mccaffrey
      the official anne mccaffrey homepage
    19. ian mcdonald
    20. maureen f. mchugh
    21. john meaney
    22. larry niven
      1. newsgroup: alt.books.larry-niven
    23. andre norton (fan page)
    24. kevin o'donnell page
    25. pournelle's future history jerry
    26. terry pratchett
      1. l-space web terry pratchett page, lots of information on tp, books, games, ...
      2. newsgroup:
    27. cordwainer smith
      official page, maintained by his daughter
    28. the james h. schmitz encyclopedia
    29. j.r.r. tolkien
      1. rec.arts.books.tolkien
    30. jack vance
      1. the jack vance archive
    31. vernor vinge
    32. bbc online - doctor who - homepage
    33. doctor who: a brief history of time (travel)
    34. tad williams
    35. walter jon williams
      1. william's homepage
    36. scott zrubek's roger zelazny
    37. david zindell
      1. seekers of the ineffable flame
        everything about the work of david zindell
      2. beyond neverness
        reviews etc.
      3. anders transhuman page
        page about changing humans, e.g. downloading into computers, therefore zindell quotes

    other sites

    1. the invisible library
      list of books that only appear in other books (continuation of defunct original site)
    2. sci-fi connections web ring
      home of a ring of sf sites
    3. ringworld: entertainment | science fiction
      list of many rings of sf sites
    4. 1993 sf encyclopedia updates
      mistakes in and updates to john clutes and peter nicholsons's encyclopedia
    5. science fiction theme timeline
    6. jewish sf
    7. the truth machine free novel, next chapters after filling in survey (will be in print)
    8. toshiro viera: vote for 20 best sf stories
    9. creative virtue press
      biodegradable technology,surrealist prose/poetry, virtuism aesthetic theory
    10. mythopoeic society
    11. future fantasy online bookstore
    12. extra-terrestrial art by m. williams
    13. xenite
      websites about tolkien, conan, hercules/xena, and others
    14. charley parker's virtual comic book - argon zark!faeries
    15. netring: fairylands
    16. fairies
    17. seatails (mermaids)
    18. slawek wojtowicz's ultimate guid to science-fiction/fantasy/space and surreal art on the net

    nederlandse/dutch sites

    1. uitgeverij verschijnsel
      sf en fantasy uitgeverij, heeft ook de boeken van babel-sf
    2. kramat uitgeverij
    3. de tijdlijn
      een nederlandstalig sf webzine met o.a. verhalen en boekbesprekingen - aanbevolen
    4. Pure fantasy en Fantastische Boeken
      Uitgeverij van Fantasy tijdschrift en uitgeverij
    5. Encyclopedia Fantastica
      Nederlandstalige SF & Fantasy encyclopedie met informatie over schrijvers en boeken, te verkrijgen op CD en gedrukt. Verder koop/verkoop, screensavers e.a.
    6. The Babylon Project
      Homepage van de Nederlandse Babylon 5 fanclub
      Bescheiden pagina, met informatie hoe lid te worden en over de laatste Nederlandse uitzendingen, veel links naar grotere engeltalige Babylon 5 sites. Geschikt voor alle browsers.
      Sijthof-Luitingh's SF/fantasy/horror tijdschrift/reclame folder met alle titels en beschrijvingen en stukjes of auteurs e.d.
    7. Meulenhoff*
      Wat je kan verwachten van een uitgever:Titels en beschrijvingen. (niet negatief bedoeld). Tevens artikelen uit hun tijdschrift/luxe reclamefolder Warp. Zeer grafisch en javascript intensief, dus traag
    8. The flying dutch Nederlandse Star Trek Fanclub
    9. Perry Rhodan
      Pagina van de Nederlandse uitgever - samenvattingen van oude en nieuwe afleveringen. (Dus als je wilt weten hoe het begon...) Tevens bestellingen.
    10. Rob Boutmy's Science Fiction, Fantasy en Horror TV-gids
    11. Science Vision
      Science Fiction, Fantasy en Horror TV-gids
    12. BoekNet Website van de boekhandels, onder andere alle boeken van het centraal boekhuis, ook bestellen (niet speciaal SF)
    13. SF-Shop Science-Fiction & Fantasy Shop Belgische pagina, die SF video's en boeken verkoopt
    14. iGuide's Books Unbound section rates and reviews SF/F book sites
    15. De Boekenplank - voor de liefhebber van het spannende boek
    16. Encyclopedia Fantastica
    17. nl.kunst.sf+fantasy (NKSF) Newsgroep
    18. Website voor bovenstaande nieuwsgroep

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