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Origin of mathematics:

Be of those who descend into earth, Puissant Baal complies.  He desires a
cow-calf in Dubr, A heifer in Shihlmemat-field \ Lies with her times
seventy-seven, (20 lines missing) [ ... ] ... times eighty-eight.  She
[conc]eives and gives birth to Math.

This is an excerpt from "Poems About Baal and Anat."  These poems were
recorded on clay tablets that were discovered (accidentally by a farmer
plowing his fields in 1928) in the ruins of the Canaanite city state of
Ugarit (modern Ras Shamra) on the north coast of Syria.  The translation is
from Pritchard, James B., Ancient Near Eastern Texts.  Princeton, 1969

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The Talented Man

Of Science and logic he chatters As fine and fast as he can; Though I am no
judge of such matters, I'm sure he's a talented man.

-- Winthrop Mackworth Praed (English writer,1802-1839)

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From: "Marco Mahler" <marco#NoSpam.marcomahler.com>
These are song lyrics
The music's at http://www.marcomahler.com
                               From "Fields"
             there's so much beauty in science that alliances
                           collapse and perhaps
                           cease to be abstract
                        and become one with my wife
            alive i dive into solitude again and there's no end
                   cause without infinity nothing exists
                               so i persist
            the senses perception is past conception will last
                the vast ignorance, delivers the difference
        between reflecting gases in front of dark space and the sky

                               "1's and O's"

                             subliminal nation
                          Looking for gravitation
              so now i've quit eating light bulbs and snacks
                       i've had it with those slacks
    like an astronaut on a sailing boat, or eating bagels with tom joad
               human cowbells, in biological computer cells
                Raindrops on your head while your swimming
                and me grinning by the piers with the deers
         you know, she's just so right on, she comes on so strong
                        i wanna hide in a goosebump
                      ride around on a sneaker stump
                       breath through borrowed lungs
                            eat fresh humdrums
                          green with an elephant
                         challenged like an infant
                       infiltrated while integrated
         usually developing limbs at some distance from the ground
               I hear simple speed and that feeds all needs
         one 72nd of all gray matters, that matters, are flattered
                                 and dive
                 one dimensional things out of chronology
                       american folk music anthology
                childlike elevation, waiting for salvation
   a self made active brilliance, for millions, like ants chasing ants,
               like cows with hay fever, and maniac weavers
                          the fruits of the roots
                     to become the roots of the fruits
            the ankle high culture is coming through the woods
                            coming on in loops
                          press control g for go
            communication can be broken down into ones and os

                           "Focused Hokuspokus"

                            focused hokuspokus
                           singing like a locust
                             outdated concepts
                              accept precepts
                          single celled organism
                         immortality and mechanism
                              creative speed
                           and the need to feed
               the reaction to the reaction to the reaction
                         when it's just a fraction
                               it seems nuts
                    but we peel 'em down to their guts
                            tactility and sound
                  the moon comes up and the sun goes down
                                think tank
                                think blank
                                  nip nap
                                 nap time
                        strawberries like to travel
                             in the wintertime
                              two oars and me
                           lame horse and a tree
                        if someone should be asking
                               3 4 5 6 7 8 9
                           shovel out the night
                         or just turn on the light
                           it comes as it comes
                           with laces and crumbs
                           what a mind of frame
                             in a game of time

                                 ding ding
                         your left foot is ringing
                       rhythmic coffee hand shaking
                           faking the raycon sly
                          man looking to the left
                          watching for his theft
                        best viewed in slow motion
                        with plenty of brain lotion
                             and its go go go
                      To the banks of the river below
                      could I have three feet of milk
                            two pounds of sleep
                            four elbows to rub
                      and an omnipotential butter cup
                           money in a tree trunk
                         funny with our ski monks
                          chunks full of bedrocks
                          uncooked and jam locks
                             money in the sky
                              eye sight high
                   so fast we got a coughing night light
                            when the fun starts
                         that's when a time comes
                         man you wanna trade jobs

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From: NANCY_GILL#NoSpam.bdt.COM (Nancy Gill)

                               The Condemned

When the earth was created, the powers above,
Gave each man a job to work at and love.
He made doctors and lawyers and plumbers and then,
He made carpenters, singers, and confidence men.
And when each had a job to work as he should,
He looked them all over and saw it was good.

He then sat down to rest for a day,
When a horrible groan chanced to come his way.
The Lord then looked down and his eyes opened wide,
For a motley collection of bums stood outside.
"And what do you want?" the creator asked them,
"Help us," they cried out, "A job for us men".
"We have no profession," they cried in dismay,
"And even the jails have turned us away".
Said the Lord, "I've seen many things without worth,
But here I find gathered the scum of the earth!"

The Lord was perplexed, and then he was mad,
For the jobs were all gone, there was none to be had.
Then he spoke aloud in a deep angry tone,
"Forever and ever ye mongrels shall roam,
Ye shall freeze in the summer and sweat when it's cold,
Ye shall work on equipment that's dirty and old,
Ye shall crawl under raised floors, and there cables lay,
Ye shall be called out at midnight and work through the day,
Ye shall work on all holidays, and not make your worth,
Ye shall be blamed for all downtime that occurs on the earth,
Ye shall watch all the glory go to software and sales,
Ye shall be blamed by them both if the system then fails.
Ye shall be paid nothing out of sorrow and tears,
Ye shall be forever cursed, and called FIELD ENGINEERS!"

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From: clulow#NoSpam.ix.netcom.com (John Clulow)
Plot the product of xy equals 3,

4, or 5 on a sphere of immeasurable size.  Then through mental
transportation find the point of destination, independent of real space and

A single path is found to go the sphere around; to where East meets West
and where north-'n-south's a jest, and where positive and negative unite.

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