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computer science
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From: jbaldwin#NoSpam.teleport.com (Jim Baldwin)

For the order of declarations in Pascal:

Let's Cook Textured Vegetable Protein

For: Labels, Constants, Types, Variables, Procedures

computer science
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From: tomv#NoSpam.vismag.limmat.net.ch (Thomas Voirol)

Two stupid ones:

CAFE - the positive (or unsigned)
                                  first nibble in EBCDIC numbers DB - the

e.g.  C3 = +3
      F8 = 8 (unsigned)
      D9 = -9 33 45 7C = +33'457 (packed decimal)

computer science
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From: fanf#NoSpam.moggy.inmos.co.uk (Anthony Finch)
PCMCIA: People Can't Remember

Computer Industry Acronyms

damn! no, that's wrong -- it should be "Memorise". It must be true...
(even though it's not a mnemonic)

From: khm#NoSpam.skom.se (Karl-Henry Martinsson)
Or, as Brendan McGuire (Executive

Director of PCMCIA) said: President Clinton Makes Cornbread In Arkansas

computer science
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From: bigbear#NoSpam.garlic.com
 Computing: You don't go to the STORE to get VD.
           The 360 instructions for which the second operand, instead of
           the first, is the recipient of the data. (STORE and cVD-
           convert to decimal)

computer science
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From: Orchard Dave <DaveO#NoSpam.btc.bw>
 Please Do Not Take Sales Person Advice Order of Layer's on the OSI Data
Model: Physical, DataLink, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation,
Application (This can get a little confuseing if you say "Don't" instead of
"Do Not")

From: "Dave Noice" <dnoice#NoSpam.copper.net> Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza

Please Do Not Touch Sally's Panties Again (This one may be politically
incorrect, but it DID help me memorize the layers)

And for those who can't remember to say Do Not instead of Don't, we can go
the other direction (Application, Presentation, Session, Transport,
Network, Data-Link, Physical)

All People Seem To Need Data Processing

From: JOgershok#NoSpam.aol.com
I came up with this one yesterday and went looking to see if there is one.
Phil's Date Now Thinks She Prefers Apples
The reasons why I chose these words is because they approximate the actual names of the 7 layers:
Physical Data/Link Network Transport Session Presentation Application

computer science
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From: "Andrew Pepper" <andrew#NoSpam.rgmm.co.uk>

Through the 1990s, whenever I heard about ISDN, I always thought "It  Still
Does Nothing."

It's because the standard documents for ISDN came out around 10 years
before you could actually buy any product.
When Broadband ISDN came out (B-ISDN) there was around 3 years between
standard and product, and we knew that as "But It Still Does Nothing".

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