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From: "Marcus Harman" <marcusharman#NoSpam.ukonline.co.uk>

Here's one from my year 8 class in Sevenoaks kent for how to spell

Heavy Yaks Prance On The Hill Every Saturday In Summer!

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From: davek#NoSpam.microware.com (Dave Kimble)
MUSIC: order of sharps: 

Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

order of flats: Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles' Father

From: Frederick Rabin <rabin#NoSpam.fr.com>
Order of sharps:
Fat Cats Get Dizzy After Eating Beans.

From: Kristen <parisi47#NoSpam.gmail.com>
Fat Charlie Gets Drunk At Every Bar

From:  Inside careers (?)
Fat Cows Grow Dangerous After Eating Bananas

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From: Richard F. Drushel <rfd#NoSpam.po.CWRU.Edu>

 Every good boy does fine = line
notes, treble clef, bottom to top

From: harper#NoSpam.kauri.vuw.ac.nz (John Harper)

        Every good boy deserves food though girls quoted it as:
        Every good boy deserves flogging.

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From: "Dolores" <ttbb2#NoSpam.capital.net>

 FACE = the notes of the spaces of the right hand musical staff.  "Great
big dogs frighten Aunt Carrie" (GBDFAC) = the notes of the lines of the
left hand musical staff.  (That one was my own invention.)

From: weeks-g#NoSpam.dircon.co.uk (Graham Weeks)
All cows eat grass, says my wife,

who also has, = left hand spaces [ACEG].

Great big ducks fly away, for the other, but no C, as the middle C is
between the two clefs she says.

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From: "David McKay" <musicke#NoSpam.ozemail.com.au>

 Music mnemonics

Great Big Dreams For Australia [bass lines]

spaces All Cows Eat Grass

Lines treble Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit spaces F A C E [face]

Sharps and flats order [sharp order is flat order backwards] Father
Christmas Gave Dad An Electric Blanket [sharps] Blanket Exploded And Dad
Gto Charred Feet [flats]

OR a reversible one Father Charles Goes Down aAnd Ends Battle and Battle
Ends And Down Goes Charles' Father

The acronym to end all acronyms [by a cynical Aussie] Association Concerned
with Removal Of Nauseating Yankee Mimickry

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From: wstevens#NoSpam.cix.compulink.co.uk (Will Stevens)

Music mnemonics. Not mine, alas - I think they came from a Frank Muir and
Dennis Norden radio programme:

Spaces in the bass clef, ACEG: Auntie Clara Entertains Gentlemen

Lines in the treble clef, EGBDF: Erotic Gum Boots Delight Fetishists

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Color codes resistors:
From: "Aaron Jerome" <AJEROME#NoSpam.dsdmail.net>

It is inappropriate to teach rude and offensive nmemonics to high school
students.  Instead, as a class we came up with this one for the color bands
on resistors.  The students found it to be very memorable.

"Billy Brown ran over (a) yodeling goat because Violet's granny was

From: jmpierce#NoSpam.medea.gp.usm.edu (Jim M. Pierce)
'Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly, Get Some

black brown red yellow green blue violet grey white gold silver GSN stands
for the plus or minus bit... 5 percent, 10 percent, and 20
percent. i.e. 100 ohms, plus or minus 5 percent.

From: jac#NoSpam.ds8.scri.fsu.edu (Jim Carr)
Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly, for Gold or Silver.

From: "Pete Peterson" <peterson#NoSpam.usaor.net>

Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls Behind Victory Garden Walls.

From: tonyg#NoSpam.kcbbs.gen.nz (Tony Garnock-Jones)
: Yes, but I always get stuck

trying to remember is "bad" black or is : "boys"?  I always forget without
difficulty.  Blue and the two g's I can : remember no problem.

BlAck -> BAd BrOwn -> BOys BlUe -> BUt

The second letter of each B-word is the _third_ letter of the word it
stands for :-) Neat pattern...

From: rcsacw#NoSpam.rwc.urc.tue.nl (Christ van Willegen)

Black bastards Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly.
(offending, but easier to remember black, brown)

From: wingo#NoSpam.apple.com (Tony Wingo)

This alternative version solves that problem: 
Blackie Brown rapes our young girls but Violet gives willingly.

From: Quentin Grady
The clean variation: Bad Betty runs over your garden but Violet Gray

From: Lawrence R Glickman <lglickman#NoSpam.ameritech.net>

Big boys race our young girls, but violet generally wins

( color code for resistors ) Black brown red yellow blue violet, and then
the tolerance ( silver or gold )

From: woodman#NoSpam.bnr.ca (Dave Woodman)
"Billy Brown Revives On Your Gin, But

Values Good Whisky."

From: jlowrey#NoSpam.skat.usc.edu (Fritz Lowrey)
Bad Beer Rots Our Young Guts, But Vodka Goes Well

From: Mike Nalbone <nalbone#NoSpam.pluto.njcc.com>
Blackberry Brandy Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well.

Grant Edwards <grante#NoSpam.reddwarf.rosemount.com> wrote:
 Better Be Ready, Or Your Great Big Venture Goes West.
(goes west = fails, dies)

From: eeyimkn#NoSpam.unicorn.nott.ac.uk (M. Knell)
My eternal favourite (and the one that nobody's mentioned yet):

Black Beetles Running On Your Garden Bring Very Good Weather

From: Suzanne Sarlette/Gerald Pearson <suegerry#NoSpam.mut1.muscanet.com>
Here's a G rated British mnemonic for the resistor color code:
 Bye bye Rosie, off you go, Bristol via Great Western.

From: thomas#NoSpam.melchior.frmug.fr.net (Thomas Quinot)
French version : Ne Mangez Rien Ou Jeunez, Voila Bien Votre Grande Betise.

From: quentin#NoSpam.inhb.co.nz (Quentin Grady)
I prefer rhymes for individual colours

black hero ...  zero brown bun ...  one red shoe ...  two.  orange tree ...
three yellow door ...  four

(picture + rhyme) is equivalent to having random access.

From: *sathe_dilip#NoSpam.bah.com* (Dilip)
The one I know has some extra words in it to make it a sentence.
  It goes like...
B. B. ROY of Great Britain has a Very Good Wife.

From: David Montag (DJMONTAG#NoSpam.aol.com)
 Beloved Brethren Remember Our Yoke God Brings Victory God's Way Black
Brown Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet Grey White

"Bowling Balls Roll Over Your Grandpa But Victim Gets Well "
"Busy boys rest on Yale ground, but Vassar girls work."

"Batman Bests Robin On Yonder Gotham Bridge; 
Very Good,  Will Get Superman Next!" 

From: "Stoiantschewsky, Spass O" <spass.o.stoiantschewsky#NoSpam.intel.com>
A classmate of mine at CMU (Mike Hammerschlag?) came up with this for a
"Badly burnt resistors on your ground bus void general warrantee".

From: Steven Minichiello <paclogic#NoSpam.attbi.com>
Black Boys Race Our Young Gents, But Victor Generally Wins.

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From: Chuk Gleason <kb4mdz#NoSpam.earthlink.net>

And lastly, I've had to learn the U.S. Telephone companies' supposed
standard for multiple-pair telephone cables - up to twenty-five pairs
in one cable.  It's based on a '5 and 5' scheme; 5 base colors, 5
trace colors, designating the 'Tip' and 'Ring' of each pair; First the
Base color is used as the wire insulation, with all the trace or
stripe colors in their sequence, then the next base color is used, and
the traces are repeated.  I'll try to do this ;

"We Rape Beautiful Young Virgins,
But Only Girls Beyond Sixteen"

This transposes to "White Red Black Yellow Violet" and "Blue Orange Green
Brown Slate"

In a multipair cable, the first wire in the first pair is White, Blue
tracer (called WH/BL) then the second wire is Blue with White tracer
(BL/WH).  Next pair is White/Orange and Orange/White, next is
White/Green and Green/White, next White/Brown and Brown/White, and
finally White/Slate and Slate/White. This takes care of 5 pairs; the
next 5 are Red with tracers Blue thru Slate, then 5 pairs of Black
with tracers Blue thru Slate. Pair 24 would thus end up as
Violet/Brown//Brown/Violet, and pair 25 would be
See http://www.aptcommunications.com/ccode.htm for a better graphic.

In standard US house telephone wiring, two-pair wire is most common; with
the sequence Green/Red/Yellow/Black; Line 1 is the Green-Red pair and a
Line 2 would be on Yellow-Black

Tip and Ring, for what it's worth, come from the old days of live operators
who had plugs and jacks; a two-conductor cord (one pair) was Tip - the apex
of the plug, and Ring, right behind it.  At Idle, the Tip is Ground, and
the Ring is at -48VDC.  Various combinations of polarity reversals and
circuit opens are part of the 'supervision' of a telephone calls stages -
on-hook, off-hook, dialing, call setup, answer, hangup, etc.  Too much to
go into here.  In the previous paragraph, the Tip is Green and the Ring, at
-48VDC, Red, for Line 1, and Line 2 its Yellow (Tip) and Black (Ring).
I've read long ago that the reason for Ground on Tip is that if a plug
drops to the floor, the tip will be the most likley thing to contact a
grounded surface, so ideally no current should flow.  As for the -48VDC,
that's provided by huge banks of batteries which provide the current to run
hundreds of phones, and do it in the event of an AC Mains power outage.

Clear as mud?  

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From: "Yves MERIADEC" <yves#NoSpam.meriadec.com>
 The right sentence says that those sailors having a chilly memory, will
wear: "un tricot noir et deux bas si rouges" (That is : "one black jersey
and two red stockings") That means that when entering a river or a harbour
channel, you will see

un : with odd numbers tri : on "tribord" (starboard) co : cones (seen as
triangles) noir: black

et : and

deux : with even numbers bas : on "babord" (port side) si : cylinders (seen
as rectangles) rouge : red

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From: "COMail" <clan.owen#NoSpam.gmail.com>
How to remember port from starboard;

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From: Click Joshua W Civ AEDC/SDV <Joshua.Click#NoSpam.arnold.af.mil> How to
remember port is left and starboard is right.  There are four letters in
port and left, and starboard is the only one left with right!

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From Charlie_Gibbs#NoSpam.mindlink.bc.ca:
There's no red port wine left.
(navigation light colours)

From: David F <djf#NoSpam.tds.net>

To make sure you don't hit the shore when entering a harbor:
Red on Right upon Return

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From: Matthew Rowles <rowlesmr#NoSpam.ses.curtin.edu.au>

 This is almost a mnemonic.

The four cycles of a four stroke engine: Suck, squeeze, bang & blow
(intake, compression, ignition & exhaust)

From: "Sam Cardinal" <Sam_Cardinal#NoSpam.inter-tel.com> A slightly diferent (and
to us amusing) Mnemonic for the 4 cycles of combustion we used in school
was: Suck (Intake), Squeeze (Compression), Pop (Ignition), Phooey

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From: jeff.zeitlin#NoSpam.execnet.com (Jeff Zeitlin)

From navigation, for converting between True, Magnetic, and Compass directi
applying variation and deviation: 

True virgins make dull company

Or backwards: 

Can dead men vote twice

From: "Richard Tihany" <richard.tihany#NoSpam.domainconcerns.com>

"Can ducks make vertical turns?"

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From: dloucks#NoSpam.primenet.com (Donovan Loucks)

Joan found Mark and Mike jumping Janet and Susan outside Nora's Drugstore .
= months of the year

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From: GemOfLight#NoSpam.aol.com

 For all the psycholinguists who can't remember the difference between
phonemes (the smallest units of sound in the spoken form of a language) and
morphemes (the smallest units of meaning in a language):

m is for "meaning" -- p is for "ptttthb"

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October 12
From: "Daniel P. B. Smith" <dpbsmith#NoSpam.bellatlantic.net>
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
    Divide the son-of-a-bitch by two
    And that's how many watts are in a horsepower.

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