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March 6


From: mjh22#NoSpam.mrao.cam.ac.uk (Martin Hardcastle)

 OK, _my_ high school teacher had the following:

"Hell! Here're Little Beatniks Brandishing Countless Numbers Of Flick

 H He Li Be B C N O F er, Ne

"Naughty Maggie Always Sips Pure Sweet Claret"

 N Mg Al Si P S Cl

He couldn't remember any more after that, so nor can I.

From: kirrilyr#NoSpam.union3.su.swin.edu.au (Kirrily Robert - SINN Editor)

"Hi Helen, Little Betty Boron Can Not Often Find Neddy.  Naughty Meg Always
SiPS Chlorine in <thinko - no idea what this is> Kenny's Car"

From: dlf#NoSpam.torfree.net (Doug Forkes)
Harry HElped LIttle BEnny Balmer Carry

Neat Oysters From Neptune's NAtural MenaGerie ALways SInging Polite Sonnets
CLearly ARf Key CAsually.

From: "stephen" <yakult#NoSpam.hkguy.com>
 Hi! He Lies Because Boron CanNot Oxidize Fluorine.  Necromantic Nato
Mg(abbv. for make Good) All Silicon Ports.  Superman Clean Argon's

(original scripts by Rex Sham, modified by Stephen Wong)

From: Charles Williams <s216#NoSpam.dcta.demon.co.uk>
 Healthy Little Beggar Boys Catching Newts Or Fish

From: <mizz1james#NoSpam.btopenworld.com>
Sing the first 20 to the the wombles song, (underground overground etc) It
has the same (approximately) number of syllables so it works
Hydrogen, helium, lithium etc (from this i knew the first 20 elements at
the age of 12). 

From: dbromage#NoSpam.metz.une.edu.au (David Bromage)
 When I was an undergraduate I heard a good one for the Lanthanide series.
Little Cute People Need Plenty Sex Every Given Time Despite having Enough
Through Young Love. (La Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Th Yb Lu)

From: Michael Palm <msp#NoSpam.westnet.com.au>
We had a chemistry teacher who taught us a really boring way to remember
the first 20 elements. The next year we had a new teacher with this one,
and we never forgot it again!! (Proof: that was over 40 years ago).

Harry, He LIkes BEtty But Can Not Obtain Frequent NEcking.
NAughty MarGaret ALways says People Should CuddLe and
Kiss CAlmly.

It's best feature is that it also gives the second letter of all but 2
of the 2-letter element symbols.

Don't think the interests of high schoolers have deviated much from the
subject in the last half-century, either!

From: "Rebecca M. Chamberlin" <rlmiller#NoSpam.lanl.gov>

 A mnemonic for the lanthanide elements (Ce - Lu): Currently parties never
provide sexy English girls that drink heavily, even though you look.

From: "Killinchy" <mo-jo#NoSpam.shaw.ca>
Lancashire County Police Need Player for Second Euphonium, Guard The Drill
Hall Even To Your Last

John Owen  (Royal College of Advanced Technology, Salford, ARIC, mid

From: Chargragg#NoSpam.aol.com
Professor "Buzz" Hentz told me his mnemonic for the Lanthanides at a time
before the naming of element 61:

LanCer Prince Needs 61 Small European Gods ToBe Dylivered Holy Ere
Tomorrow; whYbe Ludicrous?  
It still brings a smile for many good reasons.

From: mec#NoSpam.treflan.shout.net (Michael Elizabeth Chastain)

The second half of the lanthanides:

    The Dancers Have Everything That You Love
    Terbium Dysprosium Holmium Erbium Thulium Ytterbium Lutetium

From: Mike Brown <mdbrown2#NoSpam.uiuc.edu>

 I'll list a few of mine. The rest make reference to various parts of the
anatomy or just names of people I know. I have them for all but the inner
transitions, your mileage may vary.

Group: I Her Little Name Klub; Ruby, Cessie and Francie.

II Before Megan Can Start Barry Raids the alkaline earth metals

III Boring Al's Galloping Indian on a horse named Thallium

IV Carbon has Silicon German (word for breasts) and Tin Sin feinn drinks
    in a Lead Pub (Sn for tin and Pb for lead)

V Now Paddy's Arse And Timony's Sub all go swimming in a Bismuth tub

Group VI and VII I already knew

0 His Noblemen Are Kwite Xtra Rude

From: Joel Gordon <jgordon#NoSpam.taconic.net>

 Many years ago (1963) I was required to learn the entire periodic table
(except the transuranium elements) for a course entitled "Advanced
Inorganic Chemistry." While I did not have any mnemonics, I did find that
the entire table can be PRONOUNCED, and I memorized it that way, a row at a
time. I still receive requests from my daughter in college to recite it for
her friends, an exercise which can make one feel like an incredible geek.

From: Martin Ystenes <ystenes#NoSpam.kjemi.unit.no>

 This one is probably best in Norwegian, but as far as I can see it can be
easily transferred to other languages. I teach it to my students every

Hy! He!  LiBe BoCNOF Ne!  NaMgAl SiPSClAr KaCaScaTi VaCroMan FeCoNiCu "Zed
Enn" GaGe AsSe BroKr

I wonder who will be the first one to include this in a song.

From: David Mascord <david#NoSpam.dtvm31.demon.co.uk>

 As an undergraduate I learnt to sound the first 36 symbols as one very
long word: HHeLiBeBCNOFNeNaMgAlSiPSClArKCaScTiVCrMnFeCoNiCuZnGaGeAsSeBr
 Essentially every consonant is sounded with "c" replaced by "k" and the two
initial "h" sounded as "huh" "huh".  I can still remember it so it
obviously worked for me!

From: Peter Swindells <cs1966#NoSpam.wlv.ac.uk>
 I remembered the two short periods as two separate words that went (more
or less phonetically:




From: lawson#NoSpam.pax.llnl.gov (William S. Lawson)
From: DPierce#NoSpam.world.std.com

(Richard D Pierce) How about Feynman's mnemonic for the third period of the
periodic table: "NeNa, M'gAl, SiPS Chlorine"?

    H H He
    Li Be B C N O F Ne
    Na Mg Al Si P S Cl Ar

From: cummings#NoSpam.u.washington.edu (Mike Cummings)
Let me offer this one, see

if it's any better.  A High School teacher taught me, "H!
HeLiBebCNOFNeNaMgAlSiPSiCl!"  Not much help, huh?  Here's a pronunciation

"H!" (Just make a loud H, then pause, looking as if you're about to pounce.
Nice dramatic effect that gets the listener's attention.)
"Heh-Lee-Beb-K'Noff-" (Easy so far) "N'Nahm" (That's N(schwa) - Nahm[rhymes
with bomb]) "Gall-Sip-Sickle"

From: harper#NoSpam.kauri.vuw.ac.nz (John Harper)
And in chemistry we eventually

learnt to pronounce the following, though each line seems harder than the
one before:
        AKCaScTiVCrMnFeCoNiCuZnGaGeAsSeBr (this was before they changed it
to ArKCa...)
        KrRbSrYZrNbMoTcRuRhPdAgCdInSnSbTeI but I must admit I didn't find
the rare earths memorable this way.

From: Dave Edmonds <de8288#NoSpam.bristol.ac.uk>
 This is how I always remembered the first two periods of the periodic

Happy Henry Likes Beer But Can Not Often Find N-E.

From: "Manish Agarwal" <xmanish#NoSpam.flashmail.com>

 limping native king robbed caeser's frame (li na k rb cs fr) better maggi
can straighten bad radium) back allocate game in thallium caravan singh
gets standard plumbing never produce asthamatic anti-biotics
                                    (antimony - bismuth) 
oxford sometimes sees terrible poverty

From: "Jonathan Black" <jonathan.black#NoSpam.sbs.ox.ac.uk>
My chemistry teacher from 1971 produced
Harry, He Likes Beer But Can Not Open Flagons; NeNa MgAl SiPS CHlorine. Arthur Kicks Cans
for the first 20.

From: Tim Prior <trin0432#NoSpam.ermine.ox.ac.uk>

Lace Producers of Normandy Primarily Smoke European Goods but Troublesome
Dying Holds Ertha To Make Yabbelling Lunacy.

If sort of works for the elements La through Lu and includes both letters
of the element (La ce  Pr oducers of NormanDy ....).

From: keisha cooper <keimetallica#NoSpam.yahoo.com>
In high school we were taught how to remember the first 20 elements for
GCE, holy smoke i still do.................(Jamaica)
here goes.....
hi here little beggar boy catch newt or fish new nature magnifies all sin
please see clara authur kick cath

From Peter Ellis (ellis.peter#NoSpam.BSSC.EDU.AU)

Hydrogen                                                                                                     He
Lies    Beneath                                                       Bright Coloured Nights  Of    Flame    Neon
Natures Magicians                                                     All    Sing     Psalms  So    Clearly  Argon
King    Califf  Scatters Titles Vainly Crowning Men Fee Coh & Ni CuZn Gar  & Gee      As      Seven Brothers Krypton

Note CuZn is pronounced Cousin, Ni is pronounced Knee. I always knew Ga as
Gar, but Glenise Moors says itís Gay, but I thought that wouldnít be so
kosher with the different innotation today, so Iíve stayed with my saying.

This mnemonic was taught to us in First Year Diploma Chemistry in 1962 as
an aid to remember the first three periods of the atomic table by our
teacher Alec McLelland.
You had to remember to put Hydrogen in at the start,
then it begins for Helium and Lithium with 'He Liesí.

From: "ULA" <ulj#NoSpam.poczta.fm>

This one is in Polish
I invented it when I had to remember them all with numbers even - but
numbers one can easily find knowing the position of the element.
So I grouped them in columns it's usually more handy.  And made to a

-Hej Lipiec Nadchodzi Kanikula zRobmy Cos Francuzom!
-Bez Magii Cale Starania Bardziej URaduja
Scandynawie Y Tragedia Lament Actywny!
-Ti tani Zyrkowcu! Do Portu Ruszaj Fordem (rutherford)
-Wa! nad Niebem Tanczy Dublin,
kto Chromy Moli boi Wol w ramke Se aborybegenow, bo Mnie Technika nadRenska
Bohrmaszyna Zelazna Ruchem Oniesmiela Halasem!
-Co Rhodzi Irytacje, Mlotku, bo Nim Pallad Atena i Emilia Plater w uuuni
Cud Agromny Autem Ululaja, poZnasz Co dmucha w GrUub. (Zn Cd Hg Uub)
-BAl Gala Indianie w Talibanie, Wegiel Sila Germanow Sen Publiki
-Niech Pan Asem Sobie Bije Oraz Sadzi Selery Telefoniczny Polonisto!
-Flaszki Oclil Brat Idiotyczny swiAt!
-Hej, Ne on! to zArgon w Krypcie Ks(i)eni a on Rad!

and lanthanides:

Lampe Czerwona, Pradym i Nowy dym Prometeusz Samarytanin Europie Gab (dal!)
w dolinie Te(r)b, a Dyspozytor Holmes wErble Tuli I te werble Lutuje
A gdym Thorem Pro taktU raNem plul, nie Pluta z Ameryki Ur, a Berkla z
Kalifornii jedna skala ferma! ten Men dolewa, Nobliwy, Lo renu oliwy!

and translation:
-Hey, July is coming, hot period, shall we do something to the French
-Without magic all our endeavours will rather make Scandinavia happy and
here is the tragedy, active lament.
-You cheap circus employee, rush to the port in your ford!
-Ha, over the sky Dublin is dancing, those who are lame beware moths, prefer
putting into a frame Aborigines,
because i am afraid of Ren River's technology, iron Bohrmachine intimidates
me with its movement and noise.
-And that leads to irritation, you fool, because before Pallad Athena and
Emilia Plater (she was Polish heroine in 19th century) will lull great
miracle with their car, you will know what blows into the grave.
-Ball, elegancy, Indians in Taliban, coal is the power of Germans, the dream
of public
-Take with the ace, sir, and plant celeries, telephonic Polish degreed (oh,
i mean someone who studied Polish literature)
-brother imposed duty on bottles, our world is crazy
-hey, not him, it's jargon in nuns' superior's crypt, and he is happy!

red lamp, old smoke and new smoke Prometheus Samaritan gave Europe in Teb
Valley, and (dyspozytor i can not satisfactorily translate, that is a job
anyway) Holmes hugs drums and these drums he solders.
and when i in the morning along a track for the tact spat, not Pluto's from
America but Berkel's from California one stone is a farm, this man, noble
one, pours oil in the Ren River (German river, i do not know English

It really sounds in Polish like a periodic table.

From: "Graham Jervis" <gjervis#NoSpam.advanced-workplace.com>
The following takes you as far as the lanthanides
Here Lies Benjamin Bones. Cry Not Oh Friend Needlessly. Nature Magnifies All Simple People Sometimes Clowns And Kings Can Scream Till Vast Crowds Moan. Fear Conquers Neither Courageous Zealous Gallant Gents. As Seen Brown Karate Robes Strip Yobs. Zurich Noble Mortals Track Ruddy Rhubarb. Paid silver Candid Indian Sons Sobbing Tears In Xcess Cease Bawling
He Li B Bo C N O F Ne Na Mg Al Si P S Cl A K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As Se Br Kr Rb Sr Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag Cd In Sn Sb Te I Xe Cs Ba

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From: bozo5#NoSpam.aol.com

The first row of transition elements:  An Asian man going on a date...

(period 4)
SCrub TIl Very CRean... MaNy FEmales COntain NIce CUrvy ZoNes

And going downward (VIII B), NIce PaDded ParTs, 
and the money (I B) Copper, silver and gold that you have to pay.
and after all that, (II B)  If you're a Cad, you're lucky if the date ends
with a Hug (though now the 7th period is filled in, so Hg isn't the
bottom-right corner).

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From Joachim Verhagen

We got german, french and russian in this thread. Time for a dutch one.

The electro-negativity of Metals: Karolientje NAaktgeboren MaG ALleen op
ZoN en FEestdagen SNoepen.
  Caroline nakedborn may only on sun- and Hollidays eat sweets.

ProBeer Haar te Kussen(=Cu) achter(Ag) de Platina AUto.

  Try her to kiss behind the platina car.

 (Naaktgeboren is a real Dutch family name)

From: matthew#NoSpam.tadtec.co.uk (Matthew Sweet)
But in english: Please Send

Little Charlie McKie A Zebra If The Horse Can't Munch Sweet Green Plants

Potassium, Sodium, Lithium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Zinc, Iron,
?Tin?  Hydrogen Copper, ?Mercury?, Silver, Gold, Platinum

From: "foresight" <foresightlab#NoSpam.btopenworld.com>

"Christian Bruun" <homo.sapiens#NoSpam.kollegiegaarden.dk> wrote in message
> Hey
> Are there anybody which can some mnemonic rules to learn
> chemistry/biochemistry,
> Everything has interrest
> Christian Bruun

Simplified metal electronegativities:
Kill                          (K)
Nasty                      (Na)
Cats                        (Ca)
Mangle                    (Mg)
All                           (Al)
Zebras                     (Zn)
Feed                        (Fe)
Snarling                   (Sn)
Plump                      (Pb)
Hyenas                    (H)
Curse                      (Cu)
Hogs                       (Hg)
Again                       (Ag)
Audibly                    (Au)
Please                       (Pt)

From: "rachelegan777" <rachelegan777#NoSpam.gmail.com>

Pretty (potassium)
Sally (sodium)
Could (calcium)
Marry (magnesium)
A (Aluminium)
Zulu (Zinc)
In (Iron)
Lovely (lead)
Honalulu (hydrogen-reference)
Causing (copper)
Strange (silver)
Gazes (gold)

From: Paul Cacciottolo <kilbosh#NoSpam.gmail.com>
The best way to do it is develop into a Mantra.
I came up with this one as a High School Chemistry Student, and now
I'm well into my medical course, haven't used it in ages and I STILL
remember it!

Knacalimgal znefepebo Hcu Hgag Au

Potassium, Sodium Calcium Lithium Magnesium Aluminum
Zinc Iron Lead
Hydrogen Copper
Mergury Silver

From: "rachelegan777" <rachelegan777#NoSpam.gmail.com>
Pretty Sally Could Marry A Zulu In Lovely Honalulu Causing Strange Gazez
Potassium    Sodium  Calcium  Magnesium  Aluminium  Zinc  Iron  Lead
Hydrogen(reference) Copper  Silver  Gold  

From: "ixlusion sam" <ixlusion#NoSpam.gmail.com>
Here is how we remembered the reactivity series of metals thats needed
for the GCE O' Levels.

Pop (Potassium)
Stars (Sodium)
Can (Calcium)
Make (Magnesium)
All (Aluminium)
Zombies (Zinc)
In (Iron)
Town (Tin)
Lose (Lead)
His (Hydrogen)
Cool (Copper)

Then we remembered our favourite food addictive for the last 3 metals. (MSG)
M (Mercury)
S (Silver)
G (Gold)

And playing with words helped us get the oxidation part.
Oxidation -> Gains oxidation state -> Lose electrons
Reduction -> Opposite of oxidation -> Lose oxidation state -> gain electrons

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From: "Neil Davis" <n_cupid#NoSpam.yahoo.co.uk>
Electron Shells
To remember SPDF


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From: kemp#NoSpam.resptk.bhp.com.au (Ian P Kemp)

Oil Rig !
  (oxidation is loss, reduction is gain ) (of electrons)

From: Rik Deitsch <EDEI8384#NoSpam.ACC.FAU.EDU> For those who forget re-dox orders
. .

LEO the lion goes GER

lose electrons (=) oxidation
gain electrons (=) reduction

From: Jonathan Silverlight <jsilver#NoSpam.merseia.fsnet.co.uk>

That's the one I was taught about 25 years ago :-)
 but ORE is easier - oxidation is removal of electrons.

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From: kemp#NoSpam.resptk.bhp.com.au (Ian P Kemp)

Scandinavian television corrupts many french coalmen's nieces and cousins
Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn

(1st row of transition metals)

From: AT <AdThompson#NoSpam.wanadoo.fr>

Scottish Vicars Make Fur Coats and Knickers

Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn

From: Robertdmathews#NoSpam.aol.com

A pair I developed in grad school were
Stop the very crazy man from coming near cute zoos
Sc    Ti   V     Cr     Mn   Fe    Co       Ni     Cu   Zn
Your zoo needs men to rule rhinos, panthers, and cheetahs
Yt     Zr    Nb     Mo  Tc  Ru  Rh      Pd           Ag   Cd

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First row transition elements: 
Some Tasty Virgins Can Make Fairly Calm Nice  Chemists Zealous!
 Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn.

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From: "jerry" <jmeccari#NoSpam.ocmvm.cnyric.org>

 Diatomic molecules= Help Our Needy Class Find Brains Immediately

From: Germy123#NoSpam.aol.com (Jeremy)
Our teacher taught us a name for the

diatomic molecules and it always worked for me -- Brinclhof (pronounced
Brinklehoff).  Br I N Cl H O F

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From: Darren Schilberg (dschilberg#NoSpam.pobox.com)

   And for all those learning chemists who do not yet know how to mix acid
and water ...
   Add acid to watuh
   Just as you oughta.

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From: mlynd#NoSpam.cix.compulink.co.uk (Michael Lynd)
If a soluble salt you wish

to provide You first on the acid settle; Then neutralize with the proper
oxide, hydroxide, carbonate or metal.

But if the salt will not dissolve, A simpler means you'll try: Precipitate
it, you resolve, Then filter, wash and dry.

chemistry biology
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From: Rik Deitsch <EDEI8384#NoSpam.ACC.FAU.EDU>

The amino acids:

Hydrophilic Neutral: Girls Are Very Loving If Men Can Prepare Perfect Tea
(Glycine, Alanine, Valine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Methionine, Cysteine,
Proline, Phenylalanine, Tryptophan)

Positive: Alexander Graham Spoke Through (the) Telephone (Asparagine,
Glutamine, Serine, Threonine, Tyrosine)

Neutral: Laurel And Hardy (Lysine, Arginine, Histidine)

Negative: Aspartate and Glutamate (all that's left. . . )

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From: david.bostwick#NoSpam.chemistry.gatech.edu (David Bostwick)
Sugars - All altruists gladly make gum in gallon tanks.

These are over 30 years old, and the silly things are still stuck in my head.

chemistry biology
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From: ckwcheng#NoSpam.acs4.acs.ucalgary.ca (Calvino Ka-wing Cheng)

Biochemical pathways: Aldohexoses: All Altruists gladly make gum in gallon

chemistry biology
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From: "Manish Agarwal" <zmanish#NoSpam.myrealbox.com>

All altruists gladly make gum in gallon tanks:
Allose, Altros, Glucose, Mannose, gulose, idose, galactose, tallose.

if the numbers 7 to 0 are written in binary, and the one's arrange from
bottom to top , the represent the above aldo hexoses (in rosanoff's


chemistry biology
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From: Steven Bedrick <bedrick#NoSpam.bigfoot.com>

This one covers the Grignard alcohol formation reactions. I got it from one
of my Organic Chemistry profs, who claims to have found it in a drawer at
Rutgers University around 1976. He attributes it to F. Westheimer of
Harvard University.

(sung to the tune of "America The Beautiful")

Oh Grignard, the Beautiful

The carbonyl is polarized, The carbon end is plus.  A nucleophile will thus
attack The carbon nucleus.  A Grignard yields an alcohol, Of types there
are but three; It makes a bond to correspond From C to shining C.

A Secondary's synthesis Requires an aldehyde.  For Tertiary, a carbanion
And ketone may collide.  When Grignards meet H2CO The product's Primary.
They stick like glue to CO2 Join C to lonely C.

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From: "Kerry L. Opel" <kopel#NoSpam.dragonbbs.com>
 For remembering the saturated dicarboxylic acids up to 10 carbons:
 Oh My, Such Good Apple Pie, Sweet As Sugar
 For: Oxalic, Malonic, Succinic, Glutaric, Adepic, Pimelic, Subaric,
Azelaic, Sebacic

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From: Chuk Gleason <kb4mdz#NoSpam.earthlink.net>

I'd like to contribute one, which was thought up by a cousin of mine
in our (U.S) high school chemistry class in about 1974-75.  I'd
especially like to give him credit since I _still_ remember it
(proving its usefulness, eh?), and also, as a bit of a memorial - he
passed away earlier this year of medical complications.  His name was
Dennis Covert, and a very funny guy, always creative.

The Dennis Covert (memorial) Hydrocarbon Mnemonic:
"Mother Eats Phone Books, Pink Hats, Suffers Oxygen Nitrogen Discomfort"

Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane, Hexane, Septane, Octane,
Nonane, Decane.

From: "Sheelagh Halstead" <HalsteadS#NoSpam.nu.ac.za>

I loved the mneumonic my senior chem class came up with a few years ago for
the first six alkanes:
Monica excites President Bill, poor Hilary.
Unfortunately it's not as topical now.
Sheelagh Halstead

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From: "Florian Konig" <jenflo#NoSpam.bestweb.net>

Gibbs Energy:
Giving Homework Tonight Sucks (G = H - TS)

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From: Paul Mulherin <pmulherin#NoSpam.kelso.caslab.com>

From my sophomore organic chemistry days of long ago...

In order to remember the substitution order on a benzene ring, just have a

R = position of primary substuent #1
O = Ortho = position #2
M = Meta = position #3
P = Para = position #4

Thus, Orthophenylphenol = 2-phenylphenol, and p-Bromobenzaldehyde =

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From: "Florian Konig" <jenflo#NoSpam.bestweb.net>

Electrochemical/-lytical cells:
Two animals -- AN OX and a RED CAT (anode -> oxidation, cathode ->

From: Paul Mulherin <pmulherin#NoSpam.kelso.caslab.com>

How about this one, which I think is original, that I thought of in my
freshman chemistry days, long ago...

RC cOlA (short for Royal Crown Cola):

Reduction occurs at the Cathode,
Oxidation occurs at the Annode

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From: Danny Sichel <Dsichel#NoSpam.hotmail.com>

In a cation, the electron has gone on va-cation.

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