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October 10
                          Metric system prefixes

From: alkarismi#NoSpam.aol.com (Alkarismi)

After          atto      10*-18
Fellatio       femto     10*-15
Please         pico      10*-12
Note           nano      10*-9
You            micro     10*-6
Must           milli     10*-3
Cum            centi     10*-2
Kiss           Kilo      10*3
My             mega      10*6
Giant          giga      10*9
Todger         tera      10*12

From: Johann Beda <j-beda#NoSpam.pobox.com>
 I have been using two different mnemonics for the metric system prefixes:

Every           Exta    10*18
Person          Peta    10*15
That            Tera    10*12
Gave            Giga    10*9
Me              Mega    10*6
Kisses          Kilo    10*3
Has             Hecto   10*2
Diarea          Deca    10*1

diary           deci    10*-1
cows            centi   10*-2
make            milli   10*-3
milk            micro   10*-6
not             nano    10*-9
pink            pico    10*-12
fruit           femto   10*-15
asshole         atto    10*-18

From: cbutler#NoSpam.bnr.ca (Chris Butler)
I remember one for the metric system:

"King Hector Doesn't Usually Drink Cold Milk"

for Kilo 1000
    Hecto 100
    Deca 10
    Units 1
    Deci 0.1
    Centi 0.01
    Milli 0.001

From: jsandler#NoSpam.encore.com (Jeff Sandler)
 My math teacher, who taught us a similar one, must have been more..um...
  "Kill Hector Dead <units>, Dear Cousin Milli."

From: "Joe L Gentzler" <gentzler#NoSpam.mail.kingsnet.com>
 My students like this one:
Kids Have Dropped over dead converting metrics.

They say it somehow fits the situation.

From: Mark_P_Simon#NoSpam.AtlanticMutual.com
     King's Mom Goes To Pieces, Evades Zeus's Yearnings.  or "Keeping My
Girdle Tight Prevents Eating ! ", Zelda Yelped.
 - Kilo, Mega,Giga, Tera, Peta, Exa, Zetta, Yotta

Militant Michael Nabs Piratical Feminists Attacking Zeb's Yacht -
               Milli, Micro, Nano, Pico, Femto, Atta, Zepto, Yocto

Here I was careful to use two or three letters from each because these are
not as widely used in most disciplines.

Enjoy!  "give some people an attoparsec and they'll take 16.093

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The way that I remembered (and still do) Newton's Laws of Motion.

The first law - Inertia = I made up a hyphenated word "One - ertia"

The Third Law - equal and opposite = a sideways 3 - turn the three so the
openings of the three are upward - each side of the sideways three is
"equal and opposite"

Once I know which the 1st and third are - the second is the only one left.
acceleration is directly related to the force applied If I push down the
gas pedal in 2nd gear - I accelerate in direct proportion to the force on
the gas pedal.

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 Here's a mnemonic to give an indication of the relative comparison of
Celsius for those who grew up with the Fahrenheit scale.

30 is hot 20 is nice 10 is cold 0 is ice.
From: "Tim Forbes" <tim.forbes#NoSpam.recommit.co.uk>

To help Fahrenheitians conquor their fear of the invasion of the

5, 10 and 21
Winter, Spring and
Summer Sun

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From: "Dr. Robert L. LaDuca" <rlladuca#NoSpam.rs01.kings.edu>

 Q: Why do gas molecules like to look into your window at night?  A:
Because they're PVnRT'ed. (pronounce: pivnerted)

OK, I'm ducking the tomatoes. :) :) (Actually this helped my students
remember the gas law!)

From: "Amanda Herzberg" <herzbera#NoSpam.purdue.edu>
This one my high school chemistry taught me to remember PV = nRT
Pregnant Virgins Never Reveal the Truth

From: Gordon Stallings <genki#NoSpam.ionet.net>

Gas law:  Pure Virgins have Nice Round Tits  -- PV = nRT

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From: Mark Gingrich <grinch#NoSpam.rahul.net>
 To aid my recollecting the direction of increasing position angle (it is
measured from North, sweeps through the East cardinal point, then South,
then West), I always recite the following:

                      Never eat Shredded Wheat.

(And, no, this is not a personal vendetta against the Nabisco Company.)

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October 20
From: Richard Mentock <mentock#NoSpam.mindspring.com>
 Since the meter seems defined in terms of the speed of light
http://math.ucr.edu/home/baez/physics/speed_of_light.html the speed of
light is always 299,792,458 meters/second.

299 792 458 = "We guarantee certainty, clearly referring to this light

299 792 458 = "My ingenious astronomy student remembers an easy light
mnemonic" (number of characters of a word = digit)

From: "Tommy E. Cathey" <cathey.tommy#NoSpam.epa.gov>
 2 9 9 7 9 2 4 5 8 As Einstein's equations validly predicted, we hold speed

From: Rik Deitsch <EDEI8384#NoSpam.ACC.FAU.EDU>
 The EM Spectrum Cary Grant eXpects Unanimous Votes In Movie Reviews
Tonight Cosmic Gamma X-rays Ultraviolet Visible Infrared Microwave Radio

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Planets.  There are officially eight now, but most of these are from the
nine age.

From: slavins#NoSpam.psy.man.ac.uk (Simon Slavin)
 And the planet one (which I got from Robert A. Heinleins "Have Space Suit,
Will Travel):
 Mother very thoughtfully made a jam sandwich under no protest.
  for: Mercurius, Venus, thoughfully = Terra = Earth, Mars, Asteroids,
Jupiter, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

(Between Febrary 7, 1979 and February 11, 1999 Pluto is closer to the Sun
than Neptune.  It will be closer again after 2227. Some of the mnemonic
refer to that situation, so beware.)

From: fjh4#NoSpam.tutor.open.ac.uk (Triple Quadrophenic)
From the "Schrodinger's Cat" series by RA Wilson
 - Mother Very Easily Made a Jam Sandwich Using No Peanuts, Mayonnaise or

From: snowhare#NoSpam.xmission.com (Snowhare)
Mike Bandy wrote on 20 Jul 1994 09:33:13 -0400:
 Most Volcanoes Erupt Mouldy Jam Sandwiches Under Normal Pressure

Many Viscious Earth Monsters Just Sat Under Nellies Porch

From: dolf#NoSpam.echo.tds.philips.nl (Dolf Grunbauer)
 Planets in the solar system.
 My Very Excellant Memory Just Stores Up Nine Planets.

From: badger#NoSpam.phylo.life.uiuc.edu (Jonathan Badger)
 My Very Educated Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas

Actually, currently, I guess it is Pizzas Nine...

From: Atreju <someone#NoSpam.who.hates.junkmail>
 The one I learned in school is:
My Very Educated Mother Just Showed Us Nine Planets!

From: tigger#NoSpam.cheerful.com (tigger)
 My very easy method just set up nine planets.

From: jeff.zeitlin#NoSpam.execnet.com (Jeff Zeitlin)

 Planets of the Solar System, in order:

 My Very Extravagant Mother Just Sent Us Nine Parrots.

 When Pluto comes closer to the sun than Neptune:

 ... Just Sent Us Pine Nuts.

From: danield#NoSpam.cruzio.com (Daniel Drabek)
 My Valet Edward Makes Juicy Sandwiches Using Needles & Pins.  (thank you
Mr. Triggs-7th grade science)

From: milne#NoSpam.acs6.acs.ucalgary.ca (Bruce Milne)
Mary's Violet Eyes Make Johnny Stay Up Nights Period

From: John Quest <oldsalt#NoSpam.haidernetworks.com>
Melanie's violet eyes make adoring John sit up nights,pining.
(MErcury,Venus,Earth,MArs,Asteroidbelt ,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto )

From: kirrilyr#NoSpam.union3.su.swin.edu.au (Kirrily Robert - SINN Editor)
 Many Very Early Mornings Julie Sits Up Naming Planets

From: ted_swift#NoSpam.qm.sri.com (Ted Swift)
Matilda Visits Every Thursday, Just

Stays Until Noon, Period.

From: "biggerten" <norkunas#NoSpam.NqOwSePsAtM.net>
 Martha Visits Every Monday And Just Sits Until Noon Period.  (With

From: billa#NoSpam.znet.com (Bill Arnett)
 My favorite so far is this one for the order of the planets:
 "Many voters earn money just showing up near polls".
-- "the overheard conversation", a Black Widowers story by "Edward D. Hoch"  in Martin Greenberg (ed.), "In Honor of Isaac Asimov: Foundation's Friends" (New York: Tom Doherty, 1990)

From: Hazel Webb <hazel#NoSpam.robhaz.dircon.co.uk>
 I remember as a child learning them by "Many Very Energetic Men Jump
Sideways Under Nelly Parker"

From: BillFerris (billferris#NoSpam.aol.com)
 My Very Efficient Motorcycle, A JS,Uses No Petrol.

From: Bevan Harris (BMH#NoSpam.bigpond.com)
Another one for the planets, courtesy of Greg Lowe at Perth Observatory.
 My Very Early Model Jaguar Just Smashed Up Near Pinjarra.
 (Pinjarra is a moderate sized country town about 80km south of Perth.)

From: jh#NoSpam.brainiac.com (Joe Hartley)
 Miss Victoria's Ears Make Jumping Shockingly Uncomfortable Near

From: "Ron" <ronpaludan#NoSpam.msn.com>
 My Very Elegant Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Porcupines.

From: "Alex Ottway" <alexottway#NoSpam.email.com>
 Space Men Vote Earth Most Jolly (of the) Solar Universe's Nine Planets.
It even tells the uninitiated which end the Sun is!!

From: "Gareth Slee"
 Many Varied Earthlings Munch Jam Sandwiches Under Newspaper Piles

From: tomv#NoSpam.vismag.limmat.net.ch (Thomas Voirol)

A German one:

 Mein Mercury my Vater Venus father Erklaert Earth explains Mir Mars (to) me
Jeden Jupiter every Sonntag Saturn sunday Unsere Uranus our Neuen Neptune
new Plaene Pluto plans

This will help you remember the sequence of sol's planets. If you speak
German, that is...

From: Suzanne Sarlette/Gerald Pearson <suegerry#NoSpam.mut1.muscanet.com>
 French mnemonic for the order of the planets:
          Mon vieux, Tu m'as jette sur une nouvelle planet!
  Mercury, Venus, Terre (earth), Mars, ASteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,
Neptune, Pluto

From: Jean-Philippe Granchi <jean-philippe.granchi#NoSpam.ota.fr.socgen.com>
 Me Voici Tout Mouillą¤¼ J'ai Suivi Un Nageur Poilu

 English: Now I'am wet I was following a hairy diver This sentence has
great success with young (French) amateur … :-)

From: Jean Debord <JDebord#NoSpam.compuserve.com>
 A French mnemonic for the planets Monsieur, vous tirez mal - Je suis un
novice pitoyable.  (Mister, you shoot badly - I am a pitiful beginner) I
have found them in the last issue (October 1998) of "Pour la science"
(french edition of "Scientific American").

From: Gerald Pearson & Sue Sarlette <suegerry#NoSpam.muscanet.com>
 I myself use a French one, which I saw posted a few years ago on the
Astronomy echo on Fidonet by some guy in France.  I think it's sort of
nifty :-)

Mon vieux, tu m'as jete sur une nouvelle planete.

(My French spelling is terrible, so I can't guarantee the spelling!  I just
remember the sound.)

From: Yael Naze <naze#NoSpam.astro.ulg.ac.be>
 Another way of learning the planet's order in French : Ma Vieille Tante
Marie Joue Sur Un Nouveau Piano (English Translation: my old aunt Mary
plays on a new piano)

From: grapeape#NoSpam.aol.comjunk (GrapeApe)

I always had problems with Uranus and Neptune- the order of the rest is a

I think an early Mnemonic might even be to blame for my UN problem, due to
the creator of the mnemonic wanting to make the word Sun-up to end the
Mnemonic from Saturn to Pluto. Two Uranuses?

 A mnemonic with too much unused filler is more confusing than helpful.

I think the mnemonic I was taught was

Many very eager men jump (at) SuNuP.

From: Brian Hiles <bsh#NoSpam.rawbw.com>
 I came up with one which I think has at least the virtue of being in the
form of a rhyme, which studies show enhances the ability to recall it, but
also to develop a long-lasting memory of it and memorize it in the first

	"Most vegetarians eat meatsteak;
	[and] just some usually never partake."

"Meatsteak" is an archaism for "meat"; the medieval distinction between
"meat" and "steak" is that the former term was applied to _any_ staple in
the diet, whereas the latter is was we now associate with the word -- this
not-too-artificial-I-hope term allows the couplet to rhyme. Note that the
conjunction "and" may or may not be placed as the first word of the second
line to indicate the order of the Asteroid Belt amongst the planets, and
that the two lines distinguish the Terrestrials from the Jovians -- if you
discount Pluto, which may lose its planetary distinction in the near
future. ("MVEMJSUN"?)

From: john Latala <jrlatala#NoSpam.golden.net>

 Man Very Early Made (All) Jars Stand Up Nearly Perpendicularly.

From: "Noel" <noel#NoSpam.draiochtltd.ie>
I learned this one in secondary school:
  Men Very Early Made Journeys Seeking Unidentified New Planets.

From: don.lotto#NoSpam.paradise.net.nz

"My Very Enlightened Mentor
Just Showed Us Nirvana."  (G.S. Bradley.)

"My Van Errands Must Always Join
Seven United Neighbours." (Chas HNFD.)

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From: Mark_P_Simon#NoSpam.AtlanticMutual.com

 No one did the planets in Size Order.

It used to be: MEn PLan MAny VENUS JUmps
 for MErcury, PLuto, MArs, VEnus (and also Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus,
Saturn) & JUpiter.  Both the first two letters of each word are used and
the word Venus stands for itself, follows the convention of first two
letters and represents 4 other planets as well.

Now it should be:

PLanners MEasure MAy's VENUS JUmp.

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Januari 13
From: blandp1#NoSpam.aol.com (Blandp1)
 Gallilean moons of Jupiter: I eat green catapillers: Io, Europa, Ganymede,

From: freeman-despamifier#NoSpam.netcom.com (Jay Reynolds Freeman)
With all these

mnemonics flying about, I Easily Get Confused...

From: kwilson#NoSpam.atlas.vcu.edu (Kenneth D. Wilson)
An Icecube Ever Grows

  For: Amalthea, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto.

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From: Richard Jakiel <jakiel#NoSpam.crl.crl.com>
 Here's one for Saturn's Moons: MET DR THIP FOR :
Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys,Dione, Rhea, Titan, Hyperion, Iapetus and Phoebe

From: Tom Polakis <polakis#NoSpam.home.com>
My Enormous Telescope Did Resolve The Hyades Immediately.

From: "Mike Sussman"
"Must Evade Tasco's Dirty Refractors - They Have Imperfections."

From: Chris L Peterson <clp#NoSpam.alumni.caltech.edu>
Mnemonic exercises teach dumb rules to help idiots!

From: DanielBK#NoSpam.unitedstates.com (Daniel)
My Easiest Time Dating Regarded The Heavenly Irene...

From: Robin Halligan <radarman#NoSpam.ihug.co.nz>
Mercury Very Early Made A Jump Sideways UnderNeath Pluto

From: Patrick FitzGerald <a#NoSpam.b.com>
Men Very Easily Make Jugs Serve Useful Nocturnal Purposes

From: Richard Heathfield
Madly Vibrant Espresso Man Jovially Shows Us New Planets!

Getting used to eight planets:
From: Dave Typinski <mą„«bius#NoSpam.trapezium.net>
Perhaps (or Perhaps Not)

From: humunculus <myronbuck#NoSpam.yahoo.com>
My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nothing

From: Puppet_Sock <puppet_sock#NoSpam.hotmail.com>

I've known this one since grade school:
Man very easily makes jugs serve useful needs.

And back then the word "promptly" always followed.
But these days...

From: Ted Schuerzinger <fedya#NoSpam.hughes.spam>

My valentine ejaculated, "Man, just show up naked(, please)!

From: "Carl G." <cginnowzerozeroone#NoSpam.microprizes.com>

Two-in-one mnemonic:
Mad Visionaries Earn Marvelously Juicy Spoonfuls (of) Unappetizing Nausea

The last digit in the number of letters in each word gives another mnemonic 
(ignore the "of").

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September 23
October 10
From: billa#NoSpam.znet.com (Bill Arnett) "Neptune's tiny dancing girls look

pretty to-night" Neptune's moons: Naiad, Thalassa, Despina , Galatea,
Larissa , Proteus, Triton, Nereid.

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From: rjohnson#NoSpam.apple.com (Rob Johnson)

 The constellations of the zodiac:

A Tense Gray Cat Lay Very Low Sneaking Slowly Contemplating A Pounce
r a     e    a   e   i    i   c        a      a             q i
i u     m    n   o   r    b   o        g      p             u s
e r     i    c       g    r   r        i      r             a c
s u     n    e       o    a   p        t      i             r e
  s     i    r                i        t      c             i s
                              o        a      o             u
                                       r      r             s
                                       i      n

From: Mark_P_Simon#NoSpam.AtlanticMutual.com
 As The Great Cook Likes Very Little Salt, She Compensates Adding Pepper. -
Signs of the Zodiac.

From: RM Mentock <mentock#NoSpam.mindspring.com>

H.A. Rey's mnemonic for the zodiac, in his book The Stars: ram bull twins
crab liverish, scaley scorpions are good waterfish.

ram - aries
bull - taurus
twins - gemini
crab - cancer
li - leo
verish - virgo
scaley - libra (scales of justice)
scorpions - scorpius
are - sagitarrius (archer)
good - capricornus (goat)
water - aquarius
fish - pisces

This has a different starting place, and uses two or more initial
letters--except for taurus, which is easy to remember by "terrible":

AQUAmarine PIeces ARe Terrible GEMs, CAN LEO VIsit the
LIBRAry and SCOpe-out the SAGan CAPtions?

Anyone who wants to insert Ophiuchus can SCOpe-Out the sagan

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From: eng20216#NoSpam.leonis.nus.sg (CHEW JOO SIANG)
 How bout the one for the colours of the rainbow -

   Virgin In Bed Gives You Orgasmic Release

For : violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

From: "Alex Ottway" <alex.ottway#NoSpam.ntlworld.com>
Virgin In Bed: Get Your Organ Ready!

From: dtrg#NoSpam.st-andrews.ac.uk (David Thomas Richard Given)

  Rip Off Your Goolies Before I Vomit

From: pdundas#NoSpam.bfsec.bt.co.uk (Paul Dundas)
Richard of York gave battle in

vain From: drory#NoSpam.buphyk.bu.edu (Alon Drory) Or the one I picked up from an
Asimov essay: Read Out Your Good Book In Verse

He also said that since Violet was just a fancy-schmancy word for purple,
more populistic minded people could also

Read Out Your Good Book In Prose

From: avg#NoSpam.sprintlink.net (Vadim Antonov)
Russian for spectrum colors:

        Kazhdyi Okhotnik Zhelayet Znat' Gde Sidit Fazan
        every hunter wants to_know where sits a_fazan
                                                          (a kind of bird)

        Krasnyi Oranzhevyi Zhyoltyi Zelenyi Goluboy Siniy Fioletvyi
        Red Orange Yellow Green Lt_Blue Blue Violet

From: ingvar#NoSpam.ki.se (Ingvar Mattsson)
Or ROY G BIV, for the same colours in

the opposite direction.

From: mchndnd#NoSpam.marie.physik.tu-berlin.de (Neil Dobson)
Or ROY G BIV, for the

same colours in the opposite direction.
      Roy G. Biv,
      Roy G. Biv,
      He's the colour quaddie
      That the spectrum gives.
                                   Lois McMaster Bujold.

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October 8
October 21
From: sjt#NoSpam.xun8.sr.bham.ac.uk (James Tappin)
From: cummings#NoSpam.u.washington.edu

(Mike Cummings) Stellar spectral classes: Oh be a fine girl, kiss me right
now - SMACK

For: 0, B, A, G, K, M, R, N, S.

From: lou#NoSpam.xilinx.com (Lou Sanchez-Chopitea)
(The original from Henry Russell himself.)
Oh be a fine girl, kiss me right now sweetheart.

From: "Paulo Valdivieso" <pvcosta.nreal#NoSpam.mail.telepac.pt>
For the HR mnemonic, you cannot forget the female version... simply put
'guy' instead of 'girl'. Michel Gaustad's Astronomy - Cosmic prespective
gave for the outdated classes R, N and S the following string - Oh Be A
Fine Girl (Guy) Kiss Me Right Now Shmack. He didn't mention the W classe.

From: cummings#NoSpam.u.washington.edu (Mike Cummings)
Oh Big And Ferocious

Gorilla, Kill My Roommate Next Saturday!

Only Boring Astronomers Find Gratification Knowing Mnemonics.  From:
lrmead#NoSpam.whale.st.usm.edu (Lawrence R. Mead) On bad afternoons fermented
grapes keep Mrs. Richard Nixon smiling.

From: "David W. Knisely" <dk84538#NoSpam.navix.net> As for the spectral type code,
it has to be changed, since R, N, and S types have been combined into the C
class (carbon stars), maybe to "Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me Constantly" :-)

From: davercrb#NoSpam.thegrid.net (Dave Majors):
 Wow-Oh Be A Fine Girl. Kiss Me

Right Now! *Smack* (includes the W class)

From: "Fin Fahey" <fin#NoSpam.albedo.nospam.demon.co.uk>

I still want to know what the new one is, given the addition of L-class
red/brown dwarfs...

Best I could think of in a hurry for WOBAFGKML is:

Where Ordinary British Astronomers Find Green Kryptonite - Martian Lakes

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From: "henry nass" <hnass1732#NoSpam.hotmail.com>

This is the list order of the 12 constellation of the northern hemishpere,
beginning with Capricorn which "crosses" January 1st, and is the first
Constellation in the Winter quater.

The results seemed simply to fall out of the group when I crossed out some
letters, and I thought the "fudge" on Aquarius was not unreasonable.

I give several letters of the beginning of each constellation name (or
included in the name) to reduce any ambiguity that an initial letter only
sentence would leave:

'CAPtaiN   AQUAR   PICkS   ARtillery  TARgets,  GENeral    CANfield   LEads  VIllaGe   LIBeRAtion,'
      SCOtty    SAId."

Capricorn   Aquarius  Pisces   Aries      Taurus      Gemini      Cancer     Leo    Virgo     Libra
       Scorpio   Saggitarius

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From: garret#NoSpam.mrao.cam.ac.uk (Garret Cotter)
And while we are on the topic of color, how about the one for recalling
spectrographic notation:

Sober Physicists Don't Find Giraffes Hiding In Kitchens.

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From: rjc#NoSpam.mail.ast.cam.ac.uk (Robert Cumming)
I used to remember Newton's First Law by singing it (sotto voce, _of
course_) to the tune of the Birdie Song:

Every body continues in its state of rest Or of uniform motion Until
compelled by some external force to change that state of rest Or of uniform

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From: claybake#NoSpam.cae.wisc.edu (Peter Jon Claybaker)
Q: What's new (nu)?
A: mu / rho

It's the only way I can rememeber the relationship between absolute and
kinematic viscosity.

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From: Johann Beda <j-beda#NoSpam.pobox.com>
  Q: What's new (nu)?
  A: c / lambda

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From: mje#NoSpam.pookie.pass.wayne.edu (Michael J. Edelman)
 Another favorite,

learned late in life, for electronics types:

              Eli the Ice man.

It's for remembering whether current leads voltage or lags it in reactive
circuits.  In inductive ('L') circuits, voltage ('E') leads current ('I'),
hence 'E L I'.  In capacitive ('C') circuits, it's the other way, so 'I C

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From: Steve Rodway <legion#NoSpam.bigfoot.com>
 For current and voltage phase relation in capaitors and inductors


    C I V I L Capacitor Current Voltage Current Inductor

in a capacitor, current lead voltage voltage leads current in an inductor

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From: "Dr. Dickie" <dr_dickie#NoSpam.chembench.com>

"sticky paint dries fast"
For the energy levels of electrons.

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From: howe-c#NoSpam.physics.utexas.edu (Chris Howe)
I have a relatively good one (albeit fairly useless) for remembering the
order that the nuclear shells get filled up as you add more nucleons to the

spuds if pug dish of pig

If you write it down and then cross out all of the vowels except for the
final 'i' you get


and since you are worying about nuclear levels, you already know the
spectroscopic notation: spdfghi s=0, p=1, ... so if you start numbering
above these letters how many times the letter has occured, you get the
principal quantum number, and angular momentum of the energy states in the
order that they are filled:

11121212312312 spdsfpgdshfpig

(Remember that in nuclear shells the angular momentum can be greater than
the principal quantum number...)

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From: Stephanie Goldman (CA2STAY#NoSpam.aol.com)
The equation for specific heat:

q= CATMan

q = c_v * T * m

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