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Special Category: quizzes and tests to do

This was made by Mike Bender and Sarah Herr:


Count the number of yes's, subtract from 60, and divide by 0.6.

The Basics
Kinky Stuff

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Special Category: quizzes and tests to do
                                  MATHMO TEST
                           15/03/1990 (version 0.01)

These questions were compiled by Gavin Matthews (GRM11#NoSpam.UK.AC.CAM.PHX) with
the assistance of Bob Dowling (RJD4) and others.  Any offence caused by
this file, to any person living, dead or mathmo, is entirely deliberate.
Any suggestions are, of course, welcome - especially those which are
physically possible.

Answer strictly one of "YES" or "NO" to each of the following questions.
Count the number of distinct questions to which you answer "YES".

: Can you solve Rubik's Cube unassisted?
: Have you ever made a model of a dodecahedron?
: Can you play Go?
: Can you play Othello?
: Have you ever beaten a computer at Chess?
: Have you ever played Conway's Game of Life?
: ...by hand?
: Do you know the probability of a 4-3-3-3 split in Bridge?

: Have you used the word "trivial" more than twice in the last 24 hours?
: Would you answer "Do you know the time?" with "Yes"?
: Would you answer "Is it still raining or has it stopped?" with "Yes"?
: When people make grammatical errors do you correct them?
: If someone accused you of "pedanticism" would you reply "pedantry"?
: Would you wear a jumper with (an approximation to) the Mandelbrot Set on it?
: Would you say "There exists" rather than "There is"?
: Do you drink more than 5 cups of coffee or tea per day?
: Would you talk about "n objects, where n is ..." ?
: Do you make excruciatingly bad puns?
: Have you ever corrected a lecturer?
: ...three times in the same lecture?
: Do you usually wear an anorak?
: Would you introduce yourself as a "mathmo"?
: _Are_ you introduced as a "mathmo"?
: Do you have strong views on the least natural number?

: Have you ever plotted (an approximation to) the Mandelbrot Set?
: Have you ever calculated (an approximation to) pi or e on a computer?
: Would you know what to do with Napier's bones?
: Does the word "plagiarise" make you think of Nikolai Ivanovitch Lobachevsky?
: Do you, or did you read Mathematics?
: Have you read "Goedel, Escher, Bach"?
: Do you play a musical instrument?
: Have you ever programmed a computer to count prime numbers?
: Have you solved the 8-queens problem?
: Are you a member of a maths society?
: Were you cleverer than maths teachers at your school?

: Do you think more clearly whilst pacing?
: ...fiddling with something?
: Are other people unable to read your handwriting?
: Are _you_ unable to read your handwriting?
: Is your spelling lousy?
: Are you either hopelessly incompetent or frighteningly competent at mental arithmetic?
: Are you short-sighted?
: Are you left-handed?
: Would you fail the Turing Test?
: Do you often forget to have meals?
: Are you physically unco-ordinated?
: When you hear the word "ring", do you think first of a set with multiplication and addition?
: Consider the joke: "Why did the chicken cross the Moebius strip? - To get to the same side."  Do you find this amusing?
: Does the denary value of 2^16 spring readily to mind?
: Can you "prove" 0=1?
: Do you know how many primes there are less than 100?
: ...less than 10000?
: Does the number 1,729 mean anything to you?
: Do you know what "QED" stands for?

: Is it more than six months since you last had a haircut?
: Is it more than a week since you last had a bath/shower?
: In the last month, have you gone 24 hours continuously without sleep?
: In the last month, have you gone 18 hours continuously without being awake?
: Is it more than a week since you changed your clothes?

: Have you ever done anything merely to improve your score in this test?
: Do you feel that some of these questions were designed with you in mind?
: Have you attempted to wilfully misinterpret any question in this test?
: Did you succeed?
: Did you notice the split infinitive two questions ago?

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From: "Paige Phillips" <pi314159#NoSpam.hotmail.com>
Psych test for math majors:  Is the interval half open or half closed?

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